Nothing to lose.

Nothing to lose.

This particular shooting was extreeemely solicitating. While trying to capture some decent frames, we were being harassed annoyed by a group of pre-pubescent boys, who didn’t have anything better do to than gaze at us while shouting “Hey giiirls, heey girls, heyyy girrrls! Take a photo of me and my friend!”. We were just trying to carry on and ignore them., but then they started filming us with their mobile phones and called their friends to watch us from their apartment windows.So, if you find a video of us two on youtube, please tell us and don’t be surprised/shocked. It wasn’t planned. Not to mention the puzzled stares of the passers-by and those of the workers on the streets. What a show that was!  So be careful when and where you take your pics, this can and will happen to you, too (we’re referring mainly to our fellow Romanian fashion bloggers, who are likely to experience the same thing as we did.)
Anyway, these are the pics. Try to take into consideration the circumstances in which they were taken.














Eve is wearing:  ASOS shoes and overknee socks, bag from here, DIY cutoff denim shorts, Cache Cache cropped sweater, random beret.

Sandra is wearing: thrifted sweater and skirt, Atmosphere tights, DIY huge bow headband, vintage bag, Young Spirit suede booties, F21 bird connector ring

Soundtrack: Social distortion – Mommy’s Little Monster
What about you? Has something like this ever happened to you while taking photos?
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  1. Boheme.Fille

    Both your outfits are extremely pretty..great style!..One of the reasons I sometimes take photos indoors is because of people always staring at you in the streets, like you’re walking around naked or something..hate it!

  2. Heels lover

    God how i hate that kind of people!It happens to me all the time and what i hate most is not the akward looks but the jokes.I don’t get it, why can’t they mind their own bussines?!? If i had better lenses and a white wall i would never take my photos again outside…
    Anyway, despite all these problems you had, the phtos are gorgeous!Such vivid colours and both of you look great! I especially love your headpieces<3


  3. Anaivilo

    I love Eve’s necklace and Sandra’s crazy pink skirt; so I love a bit of both of you everytime I come here :))
    I know what you mean about people staring or commenting, I get that too. If I dress a little bold than others they just stare perplexed.

  4. Laura Tenshi

    Superbe pozele, nici n-as fi zis ca ati avut un asa “public” pentru ca aratati grozav. S, gri si roz e una dintre combinatiile mele preferate de culori, so, thumbs up for this outfit. E, you are so cute, like a parisian girl. The color of your beret is perfect for your hair color.

  5. Alice in vintageland

    Even if you had to suffer in order to take these photos they are perfect as always. I love both outfits; you girls are very beautiful and stylish. High school boys or teenage boys are a nightmare, so silly and huge douche bags (most of the times, I’m sure there are exceptions:)))). This is one of the reasons I don’t take photos outside, also I have no time or a photographer.
    Sandra, I love your ring and headband (and skirt), I’m obsessed with connector rings but I haven’t had any look although I made two orders to Forever 21 through a friend and they screwed up both times so we eventually gave up. Eve, the denim shorts and over the knee socks and your legs look awesome. 🙂

  6. Kat

    i love your outfits!! so cute!! you both are beautiful!! you guys have a great blog!! im following you 🙂 i hope you can follow me back ^-^

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