On The Road

On The Road

I will not believe it you if you tell me that you’ve never felt an overwhelming desire to leave everything behind and start again elsewhere or maybe take a very long break from your normal life and embark on an adventure. I know it’s in our nature to search for stability, but have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a caravan and travel from place to place? To always see new cities and roads, meet new people and never settle down for more than a few months in one spot? Maybe I’m too much of a dreamer and a romantic, but I would absolutely love to live like this for a while (definitely not forever). I always imagine how it would be, for example, to travel North America this way, from coast to coast and how I’d keep a diary so as never to forget any detail of the journey. Oh, daydreams… Anyway, where would you like to travel if you had a mobile home?

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  1. The Hearabouts

    Suna foarte frumos si romantic… mi-ar place foarte mult, dar cum ai spus si tu.. pe termen limitat… mi-ar place sa vad Europa in rulota, dar si America ar fi o placere… in final, visez sa am o casuta frumoasa, inconjurata de multe flori si copaci, ca intr-o livada… sa pot lua micul dejun in natura, fara sa ma streseze vreun vecin in imediata apropiere… poate vreodata…
    Frumoasa tinuta, tinereasca si fresh!

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