Orange and mint

Orange and mint

Hi! I don’t have many things to say this time. I have a cold and I’m staying at home, not being able to take advantage of the sunny days to take photos :(. Well, at least I can drink tons of tea and watch movies.
These pics were taken a few days ago. It’s quite a simple outfit, I wore it because I really had to run around town, and I needed to dress warm and comfortable. The knee high boots are new, they’re the first ones I’ve ever bought in this style. Hated them at first, but they’re kind of growing on me.




I know I’m quite matchy-matchy, but I adore this shade of minty green.


I absolutely adore this labradorite pendant, the photos don’t do it justice :P.
Another detail I love: the buttons on this vintage sweater I have from my grandma- they are round and golden glittery. I’m also wearing the flower accessory seen here.





And this cute little furball is the love of my life. Meet Mitsi, my boyfriend’s kitty. We match, don’t we? And no, she wasn’t hurt during this photoshoot. Is it weird to wish I had her eye colour? 😛
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  1. Laura Tenshi

    OMG, this is so cuteee. Your hair color does resemble Mitsi’s fur.
    I love your nail polish and cardigan, great idea you had to use that orange brick wall as a background, it really highlights your outfit.

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