Pink Blossoms

Pink Blossoms

You may have noticed it’s been quite some time since our last outfit post; we had planned a photo shoot, but unfortunately we didn’t manage to meet during the weekend. So yesterday evening we decided to go to the Botanical Gardens again, one of our favourite spots to take photos, as it’s something of a Cornucopia of beautiful backdrops, and pretty quiet I might add. I was also absolutely excited to wear this stunning 50’s inspired jacquard dress.  I was super lucky to find it after it was sold out on ASOS, woohoo. (ok, Eve actually found it for me). I love it so much and it is a perfect addition to my growing collection of vintage and retro-inspired dresses.

And about my hair? Well, that’s another story and not a very pleasant one. I spent half a day with rollers in my hair, neatly tied in a scarf, looking like a 50’s housewife, while watching tutorials on youtube about “easy pin-up hairdos” &”how to get perfect pin curls”, etc. Those girls make it look so simple and somehow I can’t ever get it right. After half an hour of teasing, spraying and rolling my hair I finally managed to look somehow decent. At least the curls were looking good. Fast forward half an hour later, I meet Eve and she tells me: “Was your hair supposed to be curly?..because it’s not”. Story of my life: I spend a million years curling my hair and it never holds more than an hour. Oh well, at least I nailed the make-up this time. The Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lipstick is the bomb!

50_s_jacquard_floral_dress (4)


50_s_jacquard_floral_dress (3)


50_s_jacquard_floral_dress (6)


50_s_jacquard_floral_dress (2)

50_s_jacquard_floral_dress (1)

I’m wearing a glorious fluro jacquard dress from ASOS (via miniprix), H&M bangle, Zara sandals, vintage powder case that I use as a mirror

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  1. Oteea

    I am amazed by how beautifully pink suits you <3

    That dress is a dream and so is the location. I think the hair turned out pretty great as well, it looks kind of effortless (despite the amount of effort you put into it ^_^).

    I always love when you embrace this vintage facet of your aesthetic ^_^

    Lots of hugs and happy weekend to both of you :* :*

  2. Anaivilo

    I never even tried those vintage hairstyles because I already knew I would never succeed :))
    These photos are just brilliant! I loooove the location and your dress is simply gorgeous! <3

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