Only happy when it rains

Only happy when it rains

The retro polka-dot raincoat is a girl’s best friend.

Whoever says that raincoats are boring and unfashionable, doesn’t know jack. Let’s face it, the time when a raincoat was just an alternative to an umbrella is long gone. Now you can venture out in style, on a terrible cats and dogs situation, no matter the season, by wearing a fashion magnifying raincoat that will keep you dry.

Believe it or not, I have been longing for a raincoat for a couple of years now.  The time when the weather is completely dreadful (with some strong wind on top of the heavy rain, which basically makes an umbrella useless) has always bothered me.  I find raincoats to be a great asset in summer time, as well. You know that moment when you are at a music festival and it starts raining? Well, then a raincoat can be a real life saver.

So my advice to you is: dare to make a statement even in a bad weather scenario and be happy even when it rains.

Polka dots raincoat
Polka-dots and flowers
Fall Flowers

Asos raincoat and shoes/ TinaR skirt/ FrontRowShop beret
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  1. Jamie Rose

    This polka dot raincoat is adorable! I’d love to have a cute one like this if I actually ever had many ocassions to walk around in the rain. This whole outfit is super cute. I love the pastel color scheme!

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