Road Trip

Road Trip

Hi there!
It’s been a week or so since i posted anything interesting here. Been out of town, in fact i went to Iasi (the second largest city in the north-eastern part of Romania).
Honestly i was rather disappointed with this whole trip mostly because i had higher expectations of the whole thing. Before i even got there i had in my head a pretty well-structured idea of what i wanted this post to look like.
But the reality came out rather different.

The whole city gave me a suffocating, dusty sensation, because of all the new constructions. Also the old ones, tourist attractions were under renovation so i didn’t get to see much of the history of this city.


I think Iasi is a beautiful city, but it didn’t awe me in any particular way. I don’t know, i am going to blame my painful wisdom tooth for that.

* I’m wearing F21, Asos sandals and Boohoo floral leggings.

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