Roman(ian) Holiday

Roman(ian) Holiday


I had been thinking of putting together an outfit like this for some time (the striped top was sitting nicely in my wardrobe, just waiting to be worn and I’d been dying to wear a headscarf with cat-eye sunnies). All I needed was a pair of retro, high-waisted trousers. And it appears that the stars aligned and I came across this wonderful pair on TheDearhunters boutique. We’re always on the lookout for cute local vintage boutiques and we were thrilled to discover Dearhunters. If you take a look, you’ll see what I mean. I was immediately struck by the great styling, that makes every vintage piece turn into a very desirable item. They have tons of cute stuff, including the most amazing vintage Armani set. How cool is that?







I’m wearing: retro pants c/o TheDearhunters, Topshop striped top, New Yorker platform sandals, Zara bag. The scarf and sunnies are Eve’s 🙂




Îmi căutam de ceva vreme o pereche de pantaloni cu talie înaltă și croială lejeră. Bineînțeles că au fost aproape imposibil de găsit, până am dat peste TheDearhunters, un foarte drăguț magazin online cu haine vintage și retro. După ce am petrecut un timp studiind fiecare piesă de pe site și admirând stylingul m-am oprit la această pereche – erau mai multe pe listă, mi-a fost greu să aleg, Eve știe :)) . Și n-am regeretat decizia.. se potrivesc perfect cu topul în dungi și sandalele cu platformă. Îmi lipsește numai un VW Beetle decapotabil, vintage of course.
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  1. The Hearabouts

    Oh my – these photos and this outfit are both positively stunning! Roman Holiday is up there with my favorites 🙂 I love the combo on the scarf, striped top, and pants – definitely a combination I wish my curvy short stature could wear half as well as this. Beautiful!!

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