S. vs. E. part 2

S. vs. E. part 2

It’s finally the moment for the second S. vs. E. First edition here .

We decided to pick a white T-shirt and include it in outfits that are ready for spring ’11. The white T-shirt must be present in any girl’s wardrobe as it can be used in a variety of outfits.  You cand dress it up or down, wear it with a pair of jeans and a cardigan or with a skirt and blazer and the combinations don’t stop here. This particular one is from H&M,  and I love the little bow details at the neckline, very cute and girly.




I was (obviously) inspired by the much coveted Jil Sander SS11 collection. I chose a structured maxi skirt in a bold color – it was handmade by my lovely aunt, for my birthday. And I thought I’d go all the way with the neon lipstick and the simple updo. All I need now is one of those “plastic bags”, as seen on the runway :P.



I never thought I could pull off this lip color, but it actually looks good, and I think I might use it more often this spring.



This time E is the edgy one: diy denim shorts, lace up boots, those amazing suspender tights, all toned down a little bit with the floral print cardigan.

Hope you’re inspired by our take on the white T-shirt. We’d love to know your opinions on this one!

PS: Thank you all for the comments and support. After 10 days in hospital, I’m finally feeling better and I’m looking forward to warmer weather so I can go out and take beautiful photos to share with you.
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  1. Adeline

    Sandra esti foarte fairy tale-like <33.Iti lipsesc niste vrabiute ^_^
    Eve-TightsTights<33 De la Asos,nu?
    Ok,de data asta o aleg pe Eve.She’s closer to my style ^_^ (in this case)
    ps:awhh,those plastic bags.Le stiu,dar nu vreau sa stiu cat costa ;

  2. Andreea

    You are both really beautiful, with and without the t-shirt(which is also beautiful:P) and i think both of these outfits deserve a prize! I love the length of your skirt S, and i love your tights E(i guess you already know that:))) so it’s really hard to decide…Oh well, glad to have you girls back:*

  3. Laura Tenshi

    So this is the skirt your aunt made for you S, the skirt is behind my expectations. It’s much more amazing than I’ve pictured it. I love the floral print, the fabric, the color and of course the length.
    Eve you look gorgeous with those with white heart printed tights and boots. Love the contrast, edgy yet feminine.
    I like how even though you are competing against each other, we are the winners here.
    Great job, you’ve made our waiting worthwhile.

    P.S. Sandra I am so glad you are feeling better, such a relieve.

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