She sells seashells

She sells seashells

Another weekend, another destination! This time I chose the seaside for two amazing days, full of fun & adventures with my family.  On Saturday evening we went to Popasul Pescarilor, in Olimp (you can see the fishermen’s nets behind me), where we ate some very yummy fish & mussels dishes plus great wine. It’s a lovely place by the sea, with delicious seafood and great atmosphere, so check it out if you have the chance. I also took advantage of the location and the last rays of sunshine and asked my mom to take these photos 🙂 . In regards to clothing, it appears that lately I’ve been living in 50’s dresses/ skirts and high-waisted palazzo pants. And hats! But I do honestly think these combos are perfect for summer: made from light and flowy fabrics, maintaining a retro vibe, as well as not making me feel too exposed.

Retro_40s_beach_outfit (3)

Retro_40s_beach_outfit (4)

Retro_40s_beach_outfit (5)


Retro_40s_beach_outfit (6)

Retro_40s_beach_outfit (8)


Retro_40s_beach_outfit (7)


Retro_40s_beach_outfit (1)

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  1. Oteea

    You look so, so beautiful in these retro combos, I love that they became your signature outfit for the summer ^_^

    The photos are divine, they make me long for the sea and want to buy whatever you are selling ^_^ :))


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