Shut up and let me see your jazz hands

Shut up and let me see your jazz hands

Mario Shroom Broch made by the amazing Dushky ( thanks for the little town tour and fun times we had in Timisoara)
DSC_0212 xx
I also get this opportunity to thank the lovely Mona from Boheme Fille for nominating me and Sandra for the stylish blogger award.
So here are 7 random things about me:
1. I can make paper boats from almost any kind paper regardless of the shape and size ( the smallest was from a bus ticket :D)
2. I used to have purple hair which eventually turned into pink.
3. I once won a best singing diploma in a karoke contest and yes i’ve wanted to start a band since high-school.
4. I am afraid of heights but only if i do not have anything to hold onto.
5. I went to more than 100 live concerts of my favorite bands.
6. I have a mini collection of Hello Kitty items.
7. I am a cat and also a dog lover and i must admit i find the the Sphynx breed quite adorable.
Currently reading : Book one from Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series  
Listening: MCR mood
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  1. Anaivilo

    More than 100 concerts? O.O What band are those? Omg that is insane 😀 I so want to go to Timisoara and see the city and Dushky is such a great fashion illustrator, I saw her on Deviant a long time ago and she has been an inspiration to me 😀

  2. Laura Tenshi

    Multumesc mult, glad to be back. Cat despre combinatia denim-fur, da, mi-a imaginat mereu ca ar arata bine. Mai vreau sa experimentez un look, vesta de blana cu un pulover leopard print.
    Now I am just going overboard, no ?
    Either way, I am trying it. I just need to find a leopard print sweater or cardigan.
    Hugs ^ – ^

  3. Alice in vintageland

    You look so cute – I love your outfit and the clear umbrella. I really enjoyed reading the things you shared about you. I think you would make a great lead singer in a badass band, maybe revive the purple hair (I bet it was awesome). 100 live concerts – that’s insanely cool))). I really want to se a paper boat made from a bus ticket! Kisses:):)

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