Sparked up like a book of matches

Sparked up like a book of matches


Hello darlings.. This time it’s official: summer is finally here! To have a delicious summer, the recipe is simple, just follow the steps below:
 Embrace the hot sunny weather with a statement tank top

some ice-cream colored nails and animal print;
a pair of red shorts
strike a pose
wave your hair like you just don’t care

don’t forget to stalk an enormous cat ( doesn’t it look like Garfield? )

and finally add a summer soundtrack and some eye candy:

Wearing: H&M leopard print flats, Asos socks, Forever 21 shorts, New look top and New Yorker bag

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  1. Laura Tenshi

    I will follow this recipe exactly as instructed. I love the black and white top, the details are lovely.
    That cat does look like Garfield, such a fatso :))

    Btw, love your new hairstyle Eve.

    Hugsss ^ _ ^

  2. kittenhood

    E, you look gorgeous! the pictures are great, and yes, the cat probably is garfield! I’ve never done my nails like that – I don’t even have enough colors – but I love how they look!

  3. Andreea

    Woaaaaaaaaaa, i think that cat is my soulmate(i have this thing about obese cats:X). If you see him again, please give him all of my love:))
    And speaking of love…i love your cute top, your super cute bag and your super super cute nails. And i think i love you even more:X

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