Stripes and chelsea boots

Stripes and chelsea boots

Hi, my name is Eve and I am an introvert! *Hi, Eve!*
Ok, I know that may sound odd, considering that I am a blogger and you see me go to all these events where I meet a lot of people and we talk and take pictures, but let me tell you that it is really hard for me to initiate a conversation. When I sit in front of a computer I find the greatest inspiration to write about stuff in general, but when confronted with a real life experience (one that I haven’t practiced mentally for several times) my mind gets blocked and the only thing I can come up with is a dumb smile. It gets me frustrated most of the times because I am well aware that I make a hell of a first, second,ย third impression. Apart form that, add the shyness plus my sometimes anti-social tendencies and you get a good look of what you are dealing with here.
So you will never see me as a social butterfly at a party (except for my birthday of course) because only behind a lens is where I feel like I can express myself. Unfortunately, all of this applies to S., as well. Bummer, huh?
chelsea boots and leopard
stripes and leopard print
Blue stripes
sig e
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  1. Liset

    I think a lot of bloggers can relate with your story, at least I can! I’m an introvert as well and though I’m always super shy I like to observe people from behind my lens. I think it’s just okay to be the way we are ๐Ÿ™‚ Well, I also wanted to say that I love the last picture, very nice!

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