Style lesson

Style lesson

Ever since I discovered these vintage photographs, I’ve been wanting to share them with you. The lady in the photos is my great-grandmother. I was lucky enough to get to meet her, and I can tell you she was a very stylish lady even at an older age.


Just look at that coat and hat..and the smile, of course..
Simple white dress, skinny belt and white sandals. And how beautiful is the baby stroller?

I believe this is a gorgeous streetstyle photo. They look so classy and elegant. It’s the most inspiring picture I’ve seen lately (okay, maybe I’m being a little subjective here :P).

I can’t help myself but wonder who the photographer was, where exactly were these taken and for what reason…because this kind of photos were usually set up in a studio, and not on the streets. I really couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw them, I think a stared in awe for quite a time :))

Anyway, hope you enjoyed these as much as I did…I’d love to know you opinions.

L.E: I asked my grandparents and it seems that in Bucharest, in the city center, there used to be photographers who would take pictures of the passers by if they wanted to. That’s the explanation, I guess.
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  1. Anaivilo

    Oh wow I so love old photos! I have one with my grandmother, she was so pretty, back in the ’50s I guess, but you great grand mother? Oh wow, gorgeous! And that baby carriage is so beautiful! O.O

  2. Sara

    I’m speechless! The photos are amazing and your great grandmother was super stylish – no wonder you dress so well. I would also love to know the answer to all your questions regarding the photos!:)

  3. kittenhood

    oh, wow, they’re wonderful! and it’s really something that they’re not taken in a studio – they look so New York street style. Do you know when they were taken? Any leads from your parents? 🙂 You’ve got yourself a treasure!

  4. Ilse

    Okay at first I already loved the photographs because I simply adore how ladies used to dress impeccably.. But the fact that it’s your great grandmother makes it really special and personal! Great story girl 🙂

  5. Iulia Romana

    1935 8-> Cat de superbe sunt pozele, ai avut o idee foarte bune sa le postezi aici ! Ce frumos e ca ai o strabunica asa de stylish . Sa stii ca m-ai facut curioasa si o sa caut si eu prin albumele bunicilor :*

  6. Laura Tenshi

    OMG ! Your great-grandmother was absolutely stunning and she did have a great sense of style, you aren’t subjective.
    I love her confidence and now that I remember, I’ve seen pictures of my great-grandparents on the streets too and they also had great attitudes and style.
    Makes me wonder, what exactly happened to the people of our country? They used to have more charm and style.

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