Summer dress in January

Summer dress in January


Yesterday we took advantage of yet another sunny day and Eve snapped a few pics of my outfit. I wore my thrifted mohair blend sweater that I absolutely adore for its uncommon shape and for the fact that it keeps me very very warm, my beach print dress and my new suede boots. These boots were my first Asos shoe order (I’m still quite reluctant to the idea of ordering shoes online, especially if I’m not certain about the sizing) and I’m really satisfied with them. They are comfortable, the quality is good and they go with everything.

I also tried a galaxy-inspired manicure after spending way too much time on nail art blogs :)). It’s gold with light blue and glitter over a dark purple base.
Note to self: Being photographed against daylight always makes your hair look crazy :))
I wore: H&M thrifted sweater, Atmosphere dress, Asos boots, New Yorker bag and Chr Dior vintage earrings.
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  1. kittenhood

    crazy? I love how your hair looks! And the dress is really pretty aaand I love the eyeliner too.
    I also try to not shop for shoes online, they’re usually turn out uncomfortable – you, lucky, you!

  2. a dreamer.

    it’s the natural flow that makes the hair look prettier, also in sunlight :)!
    i have been munching on the galaxy thingies too lately but i always get angry cause it doesn’t turn out the gorgeous way those girls show it so i always let it go.
    but i always come back 🙂

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