Sweet Summer Escape

Sweet Summer Escape

Sometimes all you need is a sweet summer escape to brighten up your mood. You all know what I am talking about, it’s that ‘run away from the world’ moment we all need in order to charge our batteries and just enjoy life. This year I was having a real hard time trying to figure out the whole summer holiday trip idea. I didn’t feel like stressing myself out too much, so I was searching for a quiet place, close to home but with some great cuisine. The answer to that dilemma came sudden and unexpected, when a friend  mentioned her latest trip to Veliko Tarnovo. Unfortunately, the odds were not in my favor, and I ended up spending 12 hour for a 170 km trip. But more about my adventure soon, in another post.
Denim Dress - The Hearabouts

Summer Escape
Veliko Tarnovo Street Art

Summer Escape - The Hearabouts

The Denim Skirt - The Hearabouts

Summer escape -The Hearabouts
Enchanted Ruins

Bershka Denim Dress
Heart Shaped Bag - The Hearabouts

Tsarevets Fortress - The Hearabouts
Bershka denim dress, Stradivarius leopard print flats, Asos heart-shaped bag
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  1. Klara

    Your photos are stunning! Such a beautiful visual journey. I’m looking forward to your next post to hear more about your trip. 12 hours for 170 km sounds awful! I hope it wasn’t all that bad in the end.

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