The Nightmare before Christmas

The Nightmare before Christmas

I’m feeling a little under the weather these days, so I dressed accordingly, as you can see. It’s quite different from other outfits I posted here. Don’t be worried though.. I hope I’ll get back to my colorful, bubbly self soon, so expect some glittery pics for Christmas :).








I really adore this velvet maxi’s just great. And the huge knitted sweater is so comfy and warm.
Everything is thrifted, except for the boots, which are from Zara.
So, what do you think about my gloomy persona?

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  1. Anaivilo

    I don’t find it that gloomy, I just love the sweater, that electric blue and the print. I love the look, and it suits you good! :d The velvet skirt is simply gorgeous, I am a huge fan of velvet 😀
    And Nightmare before Christmas is my favorite movie

  2. Laura Tenshi

    OMG, the velvet maxi skirt is gorgeous. I love how you wear it too, very bohemian chic.
    P.S. Love the color of your nail polish.
    Cat despre starea ta de spirit, tot ce pot sa zic e ca we’ve all been there and I hope you’ll cheer up soon.
    Hugs and keep your chin up.

  3. Alice in vintageland

    I think you look fabulous.:) I love that you changed things up a little bit, this outfit seems both cozy and chic, you kind of look like a movie star with all of those rings and that beautiful hat. I hope you’ll feel better soon, all glittery and joyful. Kisses:):)

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