The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden


With this outfit, I just wanted to keep it simple and comfy. The photo editing was inspired by this breathtaking post of Miss Pandora, thus the oversaturated colours. It thought they’d look good in contrast to my monochromatic outfit.


I’m wearing a vintage sweater, HUGO by Hugo Boss wool skirt, Atmosphere tights, F&F bag and RedHerring flats.

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  1. Ioana Liliana Gheorghe

    Being very apologetic about my late reply, I’ll say this: yes I’m trying to post quite often, yet on getting behind with checking my favourite blogs. One of which is yours as you should already know. But I’m trying to get better at both :):):)

    Now to the point, you look so cute! Very preppy chic! And that garden truly is a sight, hope to see more post with backgrounds from it.


  2. Faboulista

    did u take these photos near the absoulut fab event? i know all of bucharest was raving about it.
    actually now that i think about it isnt this a little church near the old city and it has a beautiful garden as well? i think ive been there once when a friend was visiting me in romania from HK.

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