Warm & fluffy

Warm & fluffy

I wasn’t really sure that I should publish this post, as I thought it wouldn’t be very weather- appropriate for the second week of March in Romania. However, the weather is kind of gloomy, so I think it will work out after all. I wore this outfit for the second day of LFW and let me tell you I’m glad I had my faux fur jacket with me. It was absolutely freezing and I had to figure a way of not sacrificing my health for fashion. I honestly think that dressing weather- appropriate is important (plus, it’s usually harder to create an interesting winter outfit – everyone looks good in a cute dress, a pair of sandals and a blazer). As much as I wanted to wear fewer layers, no tights etc. it would’ve been impossible. It was freezing and it needed to stay warm. At least I had my gorgeous pants from Depot 96 – seriously the fabric is amazing: black velvet with matte black sequins. Anyway, what do you think? Is it worth sacrificing your health for fashion’s sake?

London_look (5)

London_look (1)

London_look (2)
London_look (6)

 I’m wearing an H&m coat, Depot 96 velvet palazzo pants, Zara bag, Meli Melo gloves

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