Watermelon and cucumber salad with feta cheese

Watermelon and cucumber salad with feta cheese

It’s been quite some time since we last delighted you with some culinary “extravaganza”. And by extravaganza we most certainly mean something easy to make but fancy looking. And what is easier and more perfectly suited for a summer brunch than a salad?

With no further ado, let us introduce to you the perfect balance between sweet, light and refreshing, featuring two extremely hydrating foods:  watermelon and cucumber. For seasoning we used basil this time, but it can be easily substituted with some fresh mint as well.

Feta Cheese
Fresh basil leaves
Olive oil

The first step is to slice the cucumber (you can peel it if you prefer)

Watermelon_cucumber_feta_salad (3)

Cut a slice of watermelon and deseed it.

Watermelon_cucumber_feta_salad (4)

Dice the watermelon

Watermelon_cucumber_feta_salad (5)

Cut the feta cheese into small pieces. You can also crumble it if you prefer.

Watermelon_cucumber_feta_salad (6)

Roughly crush a handful of nuts to add some crunch to the salad

Watermelon_cucumber_feta_salad (7)

Sprinkle the nuts, chopped basil leaves and olive oil on top, then lightly toss the salad.

Watermelon_cucumber_feta_salad (1)Enjoy!

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