Wearing a vintage Laura Ashley dress in the Botanical Garden

Wearing a vintage Laura Ashley dress in the Botanical Garden

My obsession with vintage Laura Ashley dresses is no secret and I’m thrilled to have added a new one to my ever growing collection. I didn’t have one with any yellow in it, and I was definitely looking for something like this. I saw some gorgeous ones with pink stripes online, but I had never seen one with yellow stripes before. I came across this on in a thrift store in New Orleans – I was actually lucky enough to find another vintage Laura Ashley dress there, that you can see in my New Orleans post.

Of course I also had to find the perfect setting, and what better one than the Botanical Garden? We even had a similar photo shoot 2 years ago, when I was also wearing a Laura Ashley dress – my very first one, actually.

Right now I have 8 dresses in my collection, but I am not planning to stop anytime soon. I still have a few on my list that I really REALLY want, but they’re rare and expensive. Anyway, I’ll keep you posted on the progression of my collection, and I’d be happy if you let me know if you’d like a dedicate post or video on this topic. In the meantime, you can check out my  Laura Ashley dedicated Pinterest board.

Wearing: Vintage Laura Ashley dress, H&M espadrilles, Sonia Rykiel sunglasses, handmade bag from Morocco, vintage bracelet and brooch

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