Welcome to Narnia

Welcome to Narnia

“There was crisp, dry snow under her feet and more snow lying on the branches of the trees. Overhead there was a pale blue sky, the sort of sky one sees on a fine winter day in the morning. Everything was perfectly still, as if she were the only living creature in that country.”

What does magic mean to you? For me, it is the equivalent of the first day of snow, of that still beauty that takes over everything around it. That indescribable feeling you get when you walk on a street and the only sound you hear is that of fresh snow crunching under your boots. You get cold, you’re almost frozen, but your heart is warm and full of joy because you’re a kid once again. And that, boys and girl,s is pure Magic!

UntitledPurple hair

Asos faux-fur coat/ Pull & Bear skirt

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  1. Anaivilo

    This post is magic! 😀 I still haven’t experienced this amount of snow this year, or alst year for that matter :))
    I just love how your hair looks against all that white around you <3

  2. Simona

    Purrrfect post! *Aslans aprooves* Geniale pozele, îmi plac la nebunie! 😀 Se pare că blana pe care ți-ai luat-o și-a găsit imediat întrebuințare. <3 Îmi place cum îți șade și îmi amintește de hăinile din dulapul care ducea spre Narnia. :)) Și fusta din raiat este super faină! Vreau și eu una așa (din raiat sau blug), cu talia înaltă și nasturi în față dar niciodată nu îmi găsesc mărimea mea în magazine (32). 🙁

    P.S.: Your purple hair, omg!! <3

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