What should women wear on a night out to a casino?

What should women wear on a night out to a casino?

Have you ever asked yourself that? Well, I have, probably as a result of watching Magic City, thus the retro-inspired outfit you see in these photos. I’ll take any excuse to wear a midi dress and a pair of pumps. The cage veil helps hide my not-so-good poker face, in case you were wondering. These photos were taken on the windiest day ever, but I am satisfied with how they turned out in the end, despite the discomfort we had to endure. Let me know your opinions 🙂

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I hope you enjoyed the photos. Now here are a few style tips for such an occasion:

The rise of televised casino games such as poker, as well as online casino gaming, may have led some people to think they can go to a land-based casino in whatever they wear to hang around the house. However, even your closest local casino will operate with some kind of policy regarding acceptable dress, so you do need to ensure that you at least look smart if you want to get in. Obviously you can stay in and play on a site like JackpotCity.co.uk/online-roulettebut where is the fun in that?. Of course the majority of women would not consider going on a night out without taking care of their appearance, so what should you wear to hit the slot machines or baccarat tables?
Well if that really is why you are going there, then your definition of smart casual should leave you comfortable while you gamble. You want to be free to concentrate on the games, and you don’t particularly want your outfit distracting everyone around you (unless that is part of your gambling strategy), so a skirt and blouse or trouser suit will fit the bill pretty well. This will easily pass muster at most smaller casinos, but if you are there more to party than gamble, a little black dress, or cocktail dress, will get you more in the party mood, while also remaining classy enough to get you past that pesky dress code.
If the casino you are visiting is one of the really luxurious ones in a big city like London or Monte Carlo, the dress code will be a lot more stringent. This sort of casino night out is an extra-special event for most people though, so they will grab the chance to look like a million dollars. The aforementioned black dress will look great if you don’t want to appear too formal, while you can always wear an evening gown if you are really aiming to take the breath away. Accessorizing with furs and/or jewelry is also a good idea at this sort of casino, but the accent should always be on classy, not crass.
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