What would Margot do?

What would Margot do?

“I don’t do too much talking these days”

Margot Tenenbaum
I have recently fell in love with the dysfunctional family living at 111 Archer Avenue, and  the most intriguing Tenenbaum to me has to be Margot. Apart from having the most perfect bob, a collection of polo dresses and fur coats (and not to mention the Birkin bag), the thing about Margot that has fascinated me from the beginning was her free spirit and mysterious life. From her first marriage in Jamaica to that time she made out with a punk on the Tan Line Bus, she has always lived by her own rules. But apart from that scandalous past Margot’s not just a party girl, she is also a bookish playwright with a very proper facade. Girl Power all the way! So here is my tribute to Margot Tenenbaum ( meets Ramona Flowers’ hair).
Have you guys seen the movie? What is your favourite character? I would love to hear your opinion.
Margot TenenbaumsUntitled
I’m wearing: Massimo Dutti dress c/o Kurtmann, find it here/ Vintage coat/ H&M wig
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