When the weather outside is frightful…

When the weather outside is frightful…


…I shop for things to keep me warm and happy: fluffy sweaters, leggings, furry collars, sweets and… books, of course. Outfit post is coming very very soon, I hope. Oh, and you’ll notice that some of the images have some little icons on them. See what happens when you hover with the mouse 🙂

Striped humbugs


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  1. Nicoleta Parascan

    How many wonderful things <3

    Love the books and the white fluffy sweater, and the sweets … and everything else ^_^

    I just came home from shooting an outfit post, of course between running some errands, and it is freezing cold, I still can’t feel my hands. But I cannot wait to see you wearing some of these cuties, nonetheless 🙂

    P.S. The little icons are super sweet!


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