Why in such a hurry?

Why in such a hurry?

I ‘m leaving!! I packed my bags an I’m taking the time machine to April 1st, 2012. See you this spring!
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I’ve had it with winter and I’m ready for spring. I’m even wearing my pastel tights and floral blouse, I’m totally prepared :D.




This is just a post to cheer you and myself up and try to forget about this damn weather that is the death of fashion (and not only, unfortunately, with temperatures as low as -20°C all over Europe). All I can do to keep the creative juices flowing fashion-wise is to play dress-up and create real (and imaginary) outfits for spring. That’s just me, trying to see the glass as half full or just being plain frivolous.

I’m wearing: Vero Moda trench, New Look courts&floral blouse, H&M tights, vintage bag & luggage case, H&M hair accessories worn as bracelets.

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  1. Lauren

    Aah I feel your pain! I’m so ready for all the snow to melt. I’m wearing bright colors despite the dark just like you. It brings a little bit of happiness to a cold winter. 🙂

  2. christen + shane

    what a lovely going away outfit! the trench is just fabulous w/ those gold buttons & great idea on the bracelet ‘diy’! best of travels to ya, miss 🙂

    <3 christen @ from the woods (thank you SO MUCH for following us!!)

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