Yesterday I Was the Moon

Yesterday I Was the Moon

Recently I came across my old diary from school and with it I uncovered a whole world of feelings I though were long lost, but I realized they had been living inside me this whole time. As expected, nostalgia took over and I entered a phase in which I reminisce about the past and I try to recreate some childhood moments: some that I lived, others that I just imagined. So I am spending my weekends in the countryside, playing with my dog, reading books that I used to love – I have just finished the first volume of “La Medeleni” – , picking cherries and, my favourite activity, day-dreaming.

These photos reflect that soft cozy feeling you have at the beginning of summer, when you know you have a whole world of adventure in front of you, so you need some time just to get used to the idea of freedom. I touched upon this exact moment more than once in my diary, so I tried to reimagine it and bring it to life once again.






Wearing: Zara dress, hat and bag, Castaner espadrilles, vintage earrings

The title of the post is inspired by Noor Unnahar’s eponymous poem:

“Yesterday – I was the moon

Today – Just an eclipse

Something in me travels;

Some days it’s to the dark

Some days it’s to the light.”

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