Adventure Time Pt. II

Adventure Time Pt. II

Evelina has already mentioned in her post that we are big fans of retro and alternative clothing, and I think that this has been more that obvious throughout our 5 and a half years of blogging.  Therefore, you can imagine how thrilled we were to discover Sourpuss Clothing. It reminded us of some of the things we like more: pin-up girls, punk-rock and alternative music, circuses, fantastical creatures, tattoos. And, as it happens when you really believe in something, the planets aligned and we got the most beautiful weather in the gorgeous greenhouse at the Botanical Gardens (notice the huge smile my face?) and everything resulted in these pics that we’re super proud of. We’ve also put together a short video, as we tried to capture the atmosphere of one of those days when you’re just happy to be alive.





Retro_outfit_sourpuss_clothing_parasolRetro_outfit_sourpuss_clothing_parasol I’m wearing: Sourpuss Sideshow Ladies Skirt, Melissa bow flats, Sonia Rykiel cat eye sunglasses, vintage belt, Pull&Bear tights, Sourpuss parasol sig S

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