Pom-poms, books and … lingerie

Pom-poms, books and … lingerie


Do you know what we haven’t really talked about on our blog yet? It’s not books (we talk about them all the time) and it’s not pom-poms (we did mention those a few times before). You guessed it: lingerie! As I recently received a super lovely package from Adore Me, some ideas popped to my mind – totally unrelated to Valentine’s Day, mind you! Why designate a special day to wear cute lingerie, when you can wear it every day? I absolutely adore longline bras and retro silhouettes – you can see more of my favs on my undergarments-focused board on Pinterest. What are your go-tos when it comes to lingerie?
Lingerie_set_up (2)
Adore_me_Lingerie_set_up (1)
Lingerie_set_up (3)

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