Sakura Fairy

Sakura Fairy

It’s been more than 7 years since we started experimenting with the wonderful world of photography. We evolved little by little, with every crazy idea that we had to put in practice. After some years serving as models for each other and different photo courses and cameras, we began taking photos of our friends and family and then decided to share our work with you guys and begin this blog.
This new project is something very dear to us, that we have been dreaming for a while and never had the guts to give it a go. The photos are the first form The Fairies Series and is entitled: The Sakura Fairy. Being our first major project involving a team we would love to know your opinion about it.
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Sakura_f (9)
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sakura fairy

We feel like this is finally the perfect timing, so no more throwbacks. It’s been a long road but we are positive about the future. Thank you all for supporting us so far and we hope you will be with us in this new journey.

sig se

Photography/editing and styling: Sandra and Evelina
Make-up: Special Koko
Model: Diana
Dresses and headbands: La Chatterie
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  1. Nicoleta Parascan

    Congratulations girls!!! <3

    The concept, the styling, the editing is absolutely perfect and imagine it is only a step towards a bright and beautiful future. Nothing can quite compare to the feeling you get when you’re finally pursuing your dreams.

    Good luck with everything and we want to see more fairies <3

    God, that headband is gorgeous!


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