70’s Style Statement

70’s Style Statement

Well guess what? I’m still not over this whole 70’s revival trend. Quite the contrary actually, as you may have noticed in our most recent videos. I’ve been sporting 70’s-inspired outfits almost everyday, now that I have a small collection of retro tees and a couple of pairs of flared jeans and a corduroy mini skirt. Never had I imagined I’d be having so much fun dressing up like this (although I’ve always liked Donna‘s effortless style on That 70’s Show). By the way, did I tell you I am re-watching it for the 5986759-th time? I swear, it never gets old :))






HRB_9409  HRB_9440

I’m wearing: Zara jeans& backpack, H&M cap & top & belt, H&M Studio jacket, Asos shoes

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  1. Simona

    Awesome outfit!! I knew that for some reason you reminded me of someone! Donna!! Ha, ha! 😀 I’ve seen The 70’s Show a long time ago and I really liked it. I might watch it again to amuse myself.
    I also bought the H&M cap and I’m loving it. It’s lovely and I can wear it with many outfits. *hugs*

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