A little quarter-life crisis

A little quarter-life crisis

Soundtrack: Gloom Boys – Waterparks

Hello darlings,

I am so glad to start writing again. I can honestly say I kind of missed it. Sometimes I just have trouble finding the right words to express exactly how I feel. You know, if I don’t have anything smart to share with you, I simply prefer not to say anything at all. Especially in this time and age, when information is devoured at an incredible pace, it feels mandatory to deliver something meaningful. And so we end up with the problem of having no content at all. Silly, right?

That’s why I decided to give it a go and start making blog posts a priority. I do hope this news is thrilling for you, because it most definitely scares and excites me in equal manner.

Lately, I have been having some issues concerning my personal style (yes, I know, first world problems). But hear me out,  there will be a smart conclusion at the end of this. Every time I scroll on Instagram, I realize that everyone is wearing the same things, takes photos from the same angles and uses the same filters. Although I usually seek originality in the people I choose to follow, I somehow get pretty distracted by the suggestion category, and I come to the conclusion that I am doing everything wrong. Thus, I become frustrated and I start searching the internet for the same shoes, jeans or bag. But somehow I know it won’t be me and it won’t make me happy, after all.

It is funny how in the end it is the music I grew up with that brings me back to reality and offers me a path, both emotionally and stylistically.  I realize now, that after all this time, it is still the underdogs that make me smile and that I love to root for. That’s why I have always found comfort in the weird fabric associations, or the clothes with a more theatrical vibe, that seem to tell a story on their own. So, at the end of the day, I will never say no to a velvet dress or a vintage/ retro inspired jewelry or watch. Which is exactly what I did here.

Little Red
The Toy Makers
Little Red
Hey there Red

Esprit Watch from proCeasuri.ro, Depot 96 Dress, Asos hat, TriAlfa crescent moon brooch, The Toy Makers book

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