This photo shoot is very dear to me, as I had dreamed about it for a long long time before it finally took shape. I have always found Dobrogea landscapes whimsical; there is something about the the vast lands and palpable silence that seems to make time stand still. Even before visiting these places, as a kid, I used to read legends and myths about them (Alexandru Mitru, anyone? – In tara legendelor was one of my fav books growing up), so I’m certain this also played a part in sparking my imagination. A more recent association, the one that inspired the title, is, of course, the Outlander series. The ruins of Enisala and its surroundings do look a bit similar to Castle Leoch (aka Doune castle) and even the rain& fog reminded me of Scottish weather. I couldn’t help myself not imagining how it would’ve been if , somehow, I got transported back in time as Claire did. How would I have reacted? I will probably never know, but I can image it, can’t I?

Cetatea_Enisala_lavender_sweater (5)

Cetatea_Enisala_lavender_sweater (1)

Cetatea_Enisala (2)

Lavender_sweater (1)


Cetatea_Enisala (1)

Lavender_sweater (3)

Lavender_sweater (2)

 I am wearing an H&M sweater, Zara maxi dress and sneakers and my lovely hair accessory from Blushing Goodies 

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  1. daria

    I haven’t really seen Dobrogea & now I want to! The photos are gorgeous! It looks like Outlander is having a moment: http://www.aclotheshorse.co.uk/2015/09/outfit-outlander.html

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