Wuthering Heights

Wuthering Heights

Although my outfit is the complete opposite of anything you might find in a Gothic novel, the landscape reminded me a bit of the setting in Emily Bronte’s book. The leafless trees scattered on the hilltop, the weathered stones of the solitary tower and, most of all, the harsh wind gusts that felt so sharp on my bare skin, they all created a rather gloomy atmosphere, despite the soft rays of the setting sun. Unfortunately, the poetic ambiance was cut short by the appearance of a pack of stray dogs (not what you’d wish to see when taking photos in an isolated place). Not a photo shoot without a little adventure, that’s what we say! Anyway, I’m happy I managed to take these photos, as I’ve been dreaming about them for a while. It’s difficult when you only have time for shoots for the blog during the weekend, and the weather is bad exactly during that time for a few weeks in a row.

Pink_girly_dreamy_outfit (6)

Pink_girly_dreamy_outfit (5)

Pink_girly_dreamy_outfit (4)

Pink_girly_dreamy_outfit (2)

Pink_girly_dreamy_outfit (7)


Pink_girly_dreamy_outfit (1)



I’m wearing a Coast skirt,  an H&M top, Adore Me lace bralette, Asos shoes, thrifted brocade coat with jeweled buttons

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  1. Simona Huidiu

    Wuthering Heights is my favorite book ever and my favorite Kate Bush song 😀
    I totally understand you with the picture taking..having time only during the weekend and facing cold weather few weekends in a row..is cruel!!! 
    Love that coat, can`t believe it`s thrifted!!

  2. Dorina

    Fairy tale photos! <3
    Sunt atat de frumoase si tu pari desprinsa din povesti!

    Te inteleg perfect pentru ca si noi facem poze in weekend-uri si mereu e asa urat si ploua, iar in timpul saptamanii sunt zile in care pare vara.

    Dar sper sa se incalzeasca cat mai curand 🙂
    Te pup! :*

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