The Ice Kingdom

The Ice Kingdom

 Today I want to tell you the sad and beautiful story of the Fairy Snow Queen, which has its origins in a Daco-Getic legend. Her name was Aurelia-Eftepir, which translates as Snow White and she was the daughter of a king. She was engaged to a young prince, but on her wedding day, a wicked witch, jealous of their happiness, put a curse on the prince. She turned him into a tree: a white birch. The unknowing young princess waited and waited for her prince to show up, cried and mourned until her hair turned completely white. The nature fairies, deeply touched by her suffering, decided to gift her a pair of wings and welcome her among them. Thus, she became the Fairy Snow Queen, living in a glass palace above the clouds, always dressed in her sparkling white wedding gown.

It is told that, at her palace in the skies, she welcomes young people who lost their lives before getting married and gifts them with wings. On the night of St. Andrew the Queen throws a majestic ball in their honor, which lasts until spring. During the dance, feathers fall from their wings from time to time, which turn into snowflakes and fall on Earth. It is also told that the Fairy Snow Queen never forgot her prince and she sometimes descends  in our world to search for him among the white trees.

I know this legend is quite sad, but when I read it, I thought it was really beautiful and so perfect to accompany these photos. The place where we took them really seemed to be a magic ice kingdom, frozen in time.  We were almost expecting to see the Queen, flying over the snow-covered hills, searching for her long-lost love.

Winter_circus (6)

Winter_circus (8)

Winter_circus (5)

Winter_circus (4)

Winter_circus (2)

winter_circus (11)

winter_circus (9)

 I’m wearing: H&M top&belt, Bonton skirt, Meli Melo gloves

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P.S: This morning,  I was sitting in the bed, contemplating posting this article and I felt a little sad that all the snow from last week had melted, and the post wouldn’t feel so magical anymore. And what do yo think? When I looked out the window, it was snowing with huge, feather-like snowflakes. I guess the Queen’s guests had danced their night away 🙂

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  1. Oteea

    These photos are too pretty for words <3 and the story is so, so beautiful despite it being so, so sad 🙂

    I miss snow and I'm yet to see it this winter, but it's dreamy posts like this that manage to keep my excitement alive.

    That skirt + umbrella combo=magic and you look beautiful, like a Snow Queen indeed!

    Many, many hugs <3

  2. missreverie

    I never knew the story behind the fairy snow queen legend. Yours kept me glued and the images accompanying your story are so breathtaking. I sense winter is your favorite season, which is quite a different story with most so this is refreshing 🙂 Love how glow-y you looked as you played in the snow <3 xoxo

    missreverie | Fashionista NOW

  3. Matoushi

    Oh my God, those pictures are insane ! too beautiful ! I am in love with the atmosphere you captured, and the legend you told us is so sadly beautiful… I envy you to have so much snow, I haven’t seen some for years now T_T praying each year but no snow comes…
    Anyway, you are amazing, magical, it’s like melancoly and fragility and beauty at the same time <3
    Love your blog I discovered by chance !

  4. Simona

    Wow, these pictures are magical!! I love the contrast between your outfit and the amazing white snow. And the legend was perfect for this post. I haven’t heard about this version until now. I would love to read a book about it, or to write a book and illustrate it! 😀
    Your umbrella reminds me of the Cheshire Cat! :))

    1. The Hearabouts

      Thank you, thank you! I hadn’t heard about the version before either, I just stumbled upon it and tough it would be perfect for this blog post!

      Yeeees, it would be so amazing to create an illustrated version of this tale, you should do it! Pure magic!

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